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January Updates:

We've begun planning for the Spring edition of Fang Around - The Cauldron - for Witches Night! All applications open on January 15th and can be accessed via the apply tab. Our theme is witches and all things occult, magic, and paranormal. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

As we continue to grow, revisions are continually being made to improve the audience experience of Fang Around. This might be wayfinding signage, informational brochures, layout revisions, or similar. While we are always happy to receive suggestions, sometimes we are limited in layout due to the district having a fire department on East King Street. We work hard to find ways to make everyone happy, which includes the Royal Square District merchants and galleries. So while you're out there during Fang Around, please always remember to be respectful, kind, and have empathy and consideration for all those involved and attending.


On both The Dark Parlour Instagram and the Fang Around Instagram, we will have various updates, including vendor lists, entertainers, performers, educators and sponsors. Prefer TikTok? The Dark Parlour has an account there! Use these hashtags to find us: #FangAround #FangAroundAndFindOut #TheDarkParlour #RoyalSquareDistrict #DowntownYorkPA


In order to keep it "Free to Fang Around", we need funding to pay for all the behind the scenes things. Sponsorships help us to avoid high fees to for our vendors, help pay for facilities like extra bathrooms, chairs and tables, and Sponsorships help cover entertainment costs. We have a variety of packages available. Are you interested in Sponsoring Fang Around? Check out our "Sponsor" tab to learn more!


Hello potential Volunteers! If you would like to sign up to volunteer for our Fang Around events, we sure could use your wonderful assistance!

Specific roles for which we need:

  • Main Stage Manager - sound and lighting knowledge preferred

  • Education Manager

  • Vendor Manager (coordinate all volunteers to assist with various vendor requests and needs, two shifts available)

  • Volunteer Manager (oversee entirety of volunteers, two shifts available)

In addition to the main roles above, we will need a responsible crew of volunteers to assist vendors, entertainers and merchants throughout the duration of the event. Please fill out a volunteer form (available through the "apply" tab), and share with a friend that might be interested as well.