2024 Confirmed Cauldron Vendors

Annie Crow Art - (Returning Vendor) Original Art & Illustration
Archive Arcanas - (Returning Vendor) Wands, Potion Bottles, Tabletop Gaming Accessories
Arie K Art - Original Watercolor Art
A Truth Seeker's Daughter -  Bath, Body, & Ritual Supply
B. Light Studio - (Returning Vendor) Intention Jars, Jewelry, & Crystals
Belladonna's Boutique - (Returning Vendor) Spooky Witchy Tumblers
B & N Fine Woodworking - Laser-cut Wood Decor
Carpe Noctem - Candles, Wax Melts, Room Spays
Chasing Calliope Creations - Tabletop Gaming Accessories
Dee & Bear's Art Collective -  (Returning Vendor) Original Art and Crochet
Deezayas Creep Shoppe - (Returning Vendor) Horror & Witchy Based Home Decor, Apparel, & Accessories
Eire/Seoul Studios - Original Art , Coloring Books, Accessories
Emberwynter - (Returning Vendor) Fine Gothic & High Fantasy Jewelry with Precious Stones
Em's Garden - (Returning Vendor) Original Art & Illustration, Stickers, and Accessories
Lady Hawk Spirit Craft - Copper Electroform Bones & Insect Art
Macabre Styles - Crocheted Fashion Apparel & Accessories
Misfit Creative - Member of Porter House Pottery. Functional Pottery
Moth to Flame Candles - Intention Candles, Room Sprays, and Wax Melts
Nefarious Strumpet - (Returning Vendor) Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry and Witchy Supplies
Happy Hookers - (Returning Vendor) Crocheted Apparel & Accessories from Kirby & Heather
Honey Cat Jewelry - (Returning Vendor) Handcrafted Glass Jewelry
Realm and Reason - Electroform Crystal Jewelry
Seventh Soul Alchemy - (Returning Vendor) Copper Electroform Jewelry & Accessories
Sneaky Burrito- Original Art & Accessories
Soul Cairn Arts - (Returning Vendor) Entomology Assemblage
Spiderbite Boutique - (Returning Vendor) Creepy Cute Original Plush Design
Starcruiser Studios - (Returning Vendor) Original Hand-printed Cryptid and Fantasy Art
Stygian Darkness - Artist Timothy Lantz feature high fantasy original Art & Prints
The American Snallygaster Museum - Maryland and Pennsylvania Folklore
The Crumbdungeon - Wet Specimens, Taxidermy, and other weird and wonderful things
The Obsidian Cloak - Reiki Massage, Drum and Sound Healing, Crystals, and More
Too Hot Candles - (Returning Vendor) Adult Wax Candles for Safe Play
Twistic Mistic -  Wire-wrapped Jewelry  CANCELLED
Unknown Divide - Witchy Inspired Macrame
Witches Brew - (Returning Vendor) Vegan Bath & Body Products
Witchletoe - (Returning Vendor) Reiki Charged Ornaments, Witch Bells, Witch Balls, and More
Woodsy Witch - (Returning Vendor, Formally Dingman's Fairy) Witchy Supplies, Chimes, Bells, and More

Want to Vend Fang Around? 

Spaces are limited! 

NON-FOOD VENDORS: https://forms.gle/5PXH5D91sqUJYj4K6

FOOD VENDORS: https://forms.gle/qDbGJMjhiknME81q6

Food Vendors

2Delicious - (Returning Food Truck) Gyro Fusion
Confections Corner - (Returning Vendor) Baked Goods
Rolas Lebanese Food - Baklava, Cookies, Pastries